It’s the little things in life…

Moving to a new country has brought about very interesting challenges, some of which I didn’t expect. I expected that making friends would take long, that the food wouldn’t taste the same, that I would miss my family and friends and even my bed. What I did not expect was the challenge distance puts to take care of little things, like losing an email address connected to a landline or the dumb file to access the website for my income tax declaration. In the midst of taking care of these things that just seem tremendously important at the moment, I, of course, took a break to check facebook and blow off steam. As I opened my account, I was taken back with a message. It was from a former student wishing me a happy teacher’s day. That short message that must have taken her less than a minute put everything into perspective. Perhaps losing an email and itunes account is not a big deal after all. New accounts can be made, but the gesture of one teenager half way across the world cannot be replaced. My heart is filled with joy and gratitude for these little things in life!


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