Unlock the Mind


Unlock the Mind is the first assignment from the Daily Post Writing 101 Blogging course. Here is my stream of consciousness of the past 20 minutes.

I am sitting on my desk hoping something will come out. I can hear ABBA playing from the market square and people walking around, shopping, greeting each other. Living above the city centre is interesting and frustrating at times. You hear everything, even the music box man all day on Saturday. I wonder if I will miss this noise when we move.

I am still unsure about this writing challenge. Will it help me write and blog or just keep me busy. Sometimes I feel like summer is going by so slow. No classes. No work. Just writing. Sometimes I think I would prefer working. Fear.

I start a new job this week and I am excited. It won’t take up too much time, but it will pay, and I will write about this great new adventure in my life. Living in the Netherlands sometimes feels like living in another planet and other days it just feels like home. I like the people; they are friendly. The food is good too. I have become a “frituur” and cheese lover. Who would have thought! I also like riding my bike. I feel like a little girl liberated, able to go anywhere….unless it is raining and I can’t ride the bike because I am just not coordinated enough to hold the umbrella and keep my balance.

Another new venture in my life has been working out which compensates all the eating I’ve been doing. I am going to yoga and zumba classes with a new friend. I am actually motivated to work out and look forward to it. I wonder what brought about this change because I used to hate the idea of working out. Making friends sometimes feels like working out. You have to work at it (small talk is really hard for me) and keep doing it. In the end you have fun and you get something that fulfills.

I feel like my move to the Netherlands is like a course on uncertainty and new things that I don’t remember signing up for. Everything is new: food, language, people, friends, social customs, the number of kisses to greet someone, traffic signs, riding bikes, learning to drive standard, learning to cook, re-learning to live in a small town, new weather, learning to dress for the weather, in-laws, sharing a bed, sharing a house, sharing my space. The list goes on and on. I also feel uncertain: uncertain about liking it here, my language level, making friends, my masters, finding a job I like, etc.

I feel like my post has this somber mood, but I don’t feel somber. I am happy, calm, focused on just writing something. I had originally thought of doing this on the typewriter. My creative writing teacher in Mexico explained that you use more of your brain when you hand write or use a typewriter rather than a computer keyboard. Your fingers don’t need too much work on the keyboard. I think the typewriter would have been fun. Mona, my cat, would have gotten nervous with the noise. Perhaps I can repeat this exercise tomorrow on the typewriter. I love typewriters. They are like old books. Perhaps I should take up all old things like writing with a feather pen (or a fountain pen) on parchment. I am in love with the old, but I enjoy technology so much. Moving does that to you. Its the only way to keep in touch. This is the 5th time I move, and the third international move.

I am getting a bit tired, which makes me wonder if I would have been able to do the 20 minutes on the typewriter. I wish there was more sun today so I can sit on a terrace drinking coffee and feeling the sun warm up my body, my soul. I used to hide from the sun, but it turns out the sun here wears me out less than the sun in Texas or Mexico. In such a short time, I understood why dutch people fill the terraces once the sun comes out. It is a gift that mother nature doesn’t always share. She is more generous with the rain. Boy does it rain here! No Texas drought forbidding you to water your lawn or wash your car. No no. People probably don’t even wash their cars often. Mother nature does it for free! That is goedkoop! Goedkoop is one of my favorite dutch words. Things are not cheap, they are a good buy. Dutch people like to save. I could really learn from them!

Mona, my beautiful black cat that accompanied me from Mexico, is sleeping beside me. I can hear her snoring which makes me laugh. Sometimes she makes funny noises as if she was talking. I wonder what she dreams about? Fish? The ducks on the pond outside? Our home in Mexico? Does she have nightmares about showers and visits to the vet and getting her nails cut? She is such a tough cat! Sometimes I wonder if I did the right thing by bringing her so far. She endured the plane. She is enduring epilepsy. I hope we can give her a home and food and medicine and love for as long as she needs. It is not easy having a sick cat, but it also isn’t the end of the world for us. I love cuddling with her as I watch TV or after Riccardo goes to work and we go back to bed (no judging, I am on vacation!).

Well, time is up! Thank you for reading this 🙂


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