A room with a view


I am sitting on my desk hoping to finish this essay on Shakespeare. So much has been written about him that I hardly believe my essay will be unique. The tall, robust trees around my window make me nostalgic. How long have they been here? A couple of decades for sure. How many essays have they seen written? The green leaves of this bur oak tree create shadows in my room, dancing shadows that let the sun peak in just enough to make the room sunny. Back to Shakespeare.

The sounds coming from the outside don’t let me concentrate. Laughter, bikes, hints of talking, howdy. I keep looking outside, curious as to who is at the benches, wanting to join the fun. The green area in the middle of the quad looks perfect for sunbathing, perfect for laying and blowing off classes and essays. I can hear someone’s guitar playing sweet tunes. I can recognize Norma’s laughter from a mile away. So Othello killed Desdemona because…

The naked patches on the tree let me see the building next door. So many of my friends live there. It is a dorm full of life. Someone is always coming in and out. Some guy is sneaking his girlfriend into the bathroom hoping the RA wont catch them. Someone is bringing in beers for tonight’s party. Another person rushes to class. I wonder why they made the dorms like boxes, just walls and windows and no more creativity. Ten windows per floor on each side, a couple of flags or decorations or someone’s clothes hanging for all to see. These buildings are older than the trees! Desdemona didn’t confront Othello causing his jealousy to…

I can see hints of the cafeteria on the other side of the quad. Perhaps today I’ll eat a salad and drink a smoothie. Ice cream also sounds like a good idea. The sun is shining so bright that it could melt the ice cream out of your cone. I love Texas sun. Bright. Hot. Constant. The BBQ pit underneath the oak also looks good. I wonder when the boys will grill burgers again. They are not the greatest at grilling, but the company surely makes up for it. Life is so carefree here. Some say Iago was attracted to Othello which would explain…

The sun is shining beautifully on the benches. Those benches are as much part of the dorm as the beds in it. The four long benches are arranged like a living room and someone is always sitting there, as if keeping guard. We are always tempted to sit and talk instead of going to class. Sometimes the sun tempts us, other times a friend, and at times the mere idea of sitting in class makes us stay at the benches. Everyone has carved something in it: nicknames, insults, class year, Moore Hall. If they ever tear down the dorm, I hope they let one of us take a bench home. Jealousy is the central theme of Othello because…

Even the birds on the green oak tree are enjoying themselves. The mother brings her babies food and they sing together in their nest.

In conclusion, Shakespeare wanted…

15 more words and I’m done with Othello.

It’s time for lunch!


22 thoughts on “A room with a view

  1. It certainly reminded me of my days at College… Good luck with your assignment. Difficult to be original with Shakespeare. His themes are so common, even today, wife battering and killing, and jealousy… we’re still coping with that, aren’t we? By the way, what’s the topic/title of the assignment?

  2. The atmosphere you evoked brought back my college memories also (much longer than 7 years ago, dusty and scattered). I had forgotten the smell of college, the sense of excitement. Newly released on the world and gazing out in wonder… Thank you! That part of my mind needed a good dusting LOL!

  3. Hi Karoly – I enjoyed your post – brought back memories of how there were always so many things to distract us from studying. Glad you were able to finish despite the distractions. Did you reward yourself with that icecream?

  4. Good luck with your assignment. It is interesting to write about a pre-defined topic when the mind wants to stay in the present moment and write about that. Shakespeare would have understood !

  5. Great memory and told really well. I can just imagine the process, mind churn, and wandering thoughts. I have been there before many times as I am sure everyone has. Loved the detail and enjoyed your room with a view very much.

  6. Okay, i do stream of consciousness conversations, and this was a truly good one even if it was held with yourself. it reminded me of my time at lyons world services for the blind a job training institution for the blind in arkansas. the things i remember from there are my first girlfriend and sitting around the courtyard. the central feature of that square meeting area was a simple but enjoyable fountain. thanks for sharing. take care, max

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