You say goodbye, I say hello


My family is a lover of cats. The first cat to join our family was a present for my older sister from her high school boyfriend. After that, the cats kept coming. We have no doubt that we will be cat ladies for the rest of our lives. We love to cuddle with them and don’t mind the hair they leave on our clothes. Their comfort is above everything, even if that means scratched furniture or boxes around the house. We even have a family photo stream dedicated to our pets!

This year has been exceptionally hard when it comes to our furry companions. My cat Mona, a black feisty street cat I adopted and brought to the Netherlands with me, was diagnosed with feline epilepsy this past February. Mona was a very active and feisty cat that honestly scared the heck out of some people. Overnight she became inactive, she lost control of her body while she suffered seizure after seizure. Fortunately, with the help of medication, she is going back to her old feisty self and she seldom gets a seizure.

As I sit and write this post which was supposed to be a dialogue about two opposing ideas, my mind is drifting back to Mexico with another cat my sister and I adopted shortly after we moved there. Her name is Allora. She was severely abused and hurt, but fortunately she was found by a rescue group and later made it to our home, together with her sister Ciabis (my sister and I were taking Italian classes at the time). Allora had a hard time adjusting to our home, but she eventually came around and loved it! She loved our home so much that she refused to move with me when I moved out of my mother’s apartment. Consequently she became my mom’s new daughter.

Right now Allora is at the vet fighting between life and death. Her kidney is failing. My brave little sister, who is now a strong woman, is taking care of her. In an effort to send some positive thoughts, prayers and good energy to Allora and my sister, I will share with you what I would say to her if I could be next to her right now.

Allora, please don’t be scared. You endured so much pain in your youth, but enjoyed a wonderful and comfortable life with our family. You quickly gained weight and made every bed and couch yours. You constantly stole your sister’s food and told on me when I was out late. I felt so bad when I took you to my new apartment and you didn’t adjust. The worst part was that you ran away from me ever since that. I understand why you didn’t adapt. You already had a home and sister, and you knew a crazy feisty cat would need a home with me. The last month I was in Mexico was truly magical. We bonded once again, just like we did when you moved in. You were scared at times. I did my best to not move and let you know you would be okay with me. You cuddled with me again, you licked my face and left hair all over my clothes. Allora, as you struggle between life and death, I want you to think about all the wonderful moments in your life. Think of all the naps you took, the food you ate, the toys you had, the love you gave and received. The struggle between life and death is inevitable, but something in our heart makes us forget this. I want to be selfish and ask you to live, but I know its not in my hands. All that is left for me to say is that I love you and I thank you for your company. I hope I will see you again in December, but I know even right now, you are in my heart.





2 thoughts on “You say goodbye, I say hello

  1. It’s an incredibly strong bond we form with our pets. My first pet was a cat I rescued as a kitten on a busy street in Toronto many years ago. We also had a dog “Champ” we recently had to say goodbye to after 15 years in the family. I think if Allora could speak to you at this sad time, it would be to say “thanks for the love.” Nice heartfelt post and I hope all goes well.

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