Childhood food memories

I remember getting home from school and smelling that the food was ready. Even when I was teaching, I enjoyed opening the door and smelling my grandma’s cooking in the kitchen.  There are many meals that I miss from Mexico, some that my mom made, others that my grandma made and, of course, many that are too complicated to make at home but that a some restaurants specialize in.

Today I miss my grandma’s chicken tacos. There isn’t anything gourmet about this dish; it isn’t even hard to make. You just need to roll up some shreded chicken inside a corn tortilla and fry it to make the tacos crispy. A little bit of cream, avocado and salt (no salsa for me) finish off the plate. When my grandma makes taquitos, the menu is always the following:

-noodle soup with slices of avocado
-fried plantains (with cream and sugar on top)

There isn’t anything special about this meal. It is something simple and quick. Perhaps today I miss the taquitos because she usually made them on Monday. These taquitos give me a sense of belonging and security. The plantains are also delicious. Every time she made them, I complained that she hadn’t made enough, even though every time she made more.

I hope she makes taquitos today even if I don’t get to eat them.


5 thoughts on “Childhood food memories

  1. Somehow there is something lovely about grandmothers, especially the maternal ones 🙂
    Its almost 5 in India and I’m actually hungry now by just reading the description. 😛 😀

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