My home sweet home

I love the phrase “home sweet home.” I have been fortunate enough to always have a home sweet home. I don’t mean to boast that I’ve never had problems at home nor that I never thought I just needed to get away. What I mean is that my homes have always been a place I have enjoyed to be in.

When I was twelve, I lived in a beautiful house in Texas. My mom best describes this house as the most beautiful house in the world, one she would like to re-construct wherever she lives. The house is nothing special. Its part of a 10 house horizontal condominium with a pool and a good sized garden. On the outside, my favorite part is the light pink bricks that make up the house. Considering only women lived in our home, the pink bricks are appropriate.

The house has two floors, although the living room ceiling goes up to the top floor. I am a big book nerd and always imagined having tall bookcases with stairs and everything on the walls of the living room. Do you remember the scene in Beauty and the Beast when she slides with the stair talking about the books (in the town’s bookstore)? Well, those walls would be perfect for that! Sadly, my lack of body coordination and clumsiness would probably have meant that that slide would send me to the hospital with some sort of broken bone!

Since we never used the garage for the car, my mom decided to make it into a family room, home office and laundry room. When the walls separating the different rooms were in place, we had to figure out what to do about the floor. We had no tile floor and no budget for it either. My mom and older sister, being the crafty people that they are, decided to paint the floor of the TV room in a bright lime green color that gave so much light to the room. They then added hand painted angels to the floor. They spent a whole day painting angels (using stencils, of course). The floor looked amazing, personal and budget friendly! It saddens me to say that saying I painted one angel would be a lie!

Writing this post makes me realize that what my mom said is true. That was a beautiful house where we lived comfortably and happy. Because we were far from our family, my mom, my sisters and I became very close, and all of this happened in this house. I am sure that when I buy a home where I will start a family with Riccardo, it will be, in my eyes, the most beautiful home. I will think back on my mom’s excitement and love for this home, and feel the exact same thing about my new home sweet home.


7 thoughts on “My home sweet home

  1. Hello Karoly,
    Your writing brings to mind the adage, “Home is where the heart is.” Some people are so comfortable being anywhere that they say, “wherever I lay my hat, that’s my home.”
    Memories do play an important part in how we live our lives. I am glad that you will turn your happy memories into your Home Sweet Home.

    Kind Regards,

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