Blogging Etiquette

For the past year, I have been writing for a commercial blog and I have found the experience to be very rewarding (and not just for the pay). The blog has provided a platform for a community of readers to share ideas and feelings that are relevant to the blog’s purpose. There is a fair share of comments and discussions, and this experience has provided me with a different outlook on blogging because this blog as well as my previous blog have never received the amount of feedback the commercial blog does.

One issue my collaboration with this blog has raised is the two-sided sword of being able to have discussions and comments. While I will always always ALWAYS accept and encourage comments because it is a way to share ideas, learn, grow, discuss and debate, I am a bit baffled by the thin line between discussing and criticising. When are we being critical and when are we being simply plain rude? When are we enriching a discussion and when are we simply trolling the internet? Is the mask of a computer making us rude?

Because of this dilemma, I would like to open up this space for ideas about this. What behaviour should we expect from ourselves and others when blogging (both as writers and readers)? How can writers handle pesky situations?


2 thoughts on “Blogging Etiquette

  1. We always allow for respectful and polite criticism, even if sometimes it pains us to approve certain comments. When comments strain into the plain rude, without adding to the discussion, or even offensive, that is when we happily press the delete button. We don’t mind being challenged as long as some etiquette is involved!

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